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About Upper Hope Station 
Missionary Baptist Church
     Upper Hope Station Baptist Church originated from Old Hope Station Baptist Church in 1917. The origination occurred because some of the members were having problems with the location of the original church. Because of the problems, the members decided to split into three groups. One group of members stayed at the original church. The second group built at another location and the third group being Upper Hope Station Baptist Church.

     On March 21, 1917, according to the deed recorded in the Fairfield County Courthouse, about four acres of land was purchased for the purpose of erecting a building to be named Upper Hope Station Baptist Church. The land was also used for a cemetery and separate building called the Christian Burial Society. Later this building was used for and elementary school.

      Upper Hope Station was destroyed by fire in 1934 and rebuilt in 1936. The Church was a wood frame building; the furniture was designed and crafted by members of the congregation.

        The first Pastor of Upper Hope Station was Rev. A. C. Giles. Other Pastors were: Revs. Jennings, Denmark, SC; Walter Braton, George Walton, Neal Bookhart, Guy Lowery, Cureton, D.C. Chisholm, Mabre Glenn, Preston Pendergrass, Jessie Boulware, Evans, J.J. Jones, T.G. Green, Joseph Drakeford, James Coleman and George Lowry, Jr.
       Under the leadership of Rev. Pendergrass, the membership in the church increased greatly. During this time renovation were done to the church... Several gas heaters, additional pews, front porch, well, baptismal pool inside, inside bathrooms, and the outside structure was bricked.
        Rev. T. G. Green was pastor for 13 years. During his time the church was enlarged to include a Dining Room, Kitchen, Pastoral Study, and three Sunday school rooms. Furniture was purchased for the new rooms, all inside walls were paneled, and the sanctuary floor was carpeted. The choir stands were enlarged, central heat and air was installed and a new piano was purchased.

        Rev. Joseph Drakeford served as pastor for 9 years. He added spiritual growth to the church by teaching the Covenant. He organized the Deacon Wards, Mother’s Board, Male Usher Board, Youth Bible Class and Choir. Worship services were changed from second and fourth Sundays to every Sunday.
        Rev. James Coleman was the pastor for 5 years and 6 months; under his leadership the belief that we was a small congregation and would be able to build a new church became a reality. Pastor Coleman paid the first $1000 and challenged other believers to do the same including the first lady. He was the Pastor during groundbreaking Ceremony of the new church. Pastor Coleman began the Annual Cookout for members, friends and the community. He educated members on grant writing and encouraged tithing by always being the first to pay his tithes and stressed education very strongly.       Also under his leadership the Youth Choir was formed and directed by the first Lady.

  Pastor George Lowry, Jr. was pastor for 5 years and 7 months. Pastor Lowry was instrumental in the growth of the church. Under his leadership “missionary” was added to the name of the church and “boards” was changed to ministries. His new ministries consisted of: Tutoring Ministry, Senior Ministry, Scholarship Ministry, Transportation Ministry,
Trustee Ministry, Music Ministry, Prison Ministry, Mass Choir, Story Time for Children Church, Big Brother & Sister Mentor Ministry, Black History Month for the Senior Citizen at UHSMB Church and the Adult Christmas Program. Also under his leadership the beginning time for Sunday school and Church-In-Study was changed by 15 minutes for devotional services. The Vacation Bible School was reformed by adding speakers on different topics of interest and enrollment increased to approximately 100 students. The Summer Lunch Program during the summer at the Church. The Deacons and Trustees were revamped to having joint meetings monthly and a dress code for Trustees during Holy Communion. The Constitution and By-Laws were revised and obtained with our 501C status.

      Rev. Corey M. Jackson was called to our church in February 2006 and was elected April 23, 2006 as our pastor. Since being the pastor he has brought several young people to give their life to Christ. God has continued to grow the church under his leadership. Several ministries that were inactive are back in motion. Pastor Jackson is committed to building lives through the preaching and teaching of the Gospel. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous journey under leadership. Also under his leadership the Health Care Ministry was formed. The new Fellowship Hall was built, and dedicated May 25, 2008. Also under his leadership the reformation of the Brotherhood ministry, the addition of the Praise Team, and the Missionary's worship service at the Chester Nursing Home every third Saturday were added. In 2012 Father’s Day in The Park was formed. Pastor Jackson was elected to the Sandy River Baptist Association Executive Board as Vice Moderator for 2012-2013 also in 2014 the Dance Ministry was formed.